3-D Dinosaur Theater

Stereographs & Prismatic lens Stereoviewer

  In  1983 artist/photographer Ron Keas designed and build a prismatic stereoscopic viewer with prismatic lenses.  He then set up detailed dinosaur models in terrariums and natural settings and photographed them in stereo.  From his photography he created a stereograph set.  The folding stereo viewer and stereograph set were sold together as 3-D Dinosaur Theater. 

 This unique 3-D package was praised by Sir Arthur C. Clarke.   He loved showing it to the kids in Shri Lanka.  Ron and Sir Arthur became internet friends, sharing ideas about 3-D photography and art.  The 3-D Dinosaur Theater sold on the internet from 1985-1990. 

Last week Ron found 10 of these viewers with stereographs, sealed in the original package.  He is offering them for sale on this website.  This stereoviewer and stereographs are part of the history of 3-D photography, and promise to become valuable collectibles.  -Sent to you in its original shrink wraped package.


The folding stereoviewer pictured above can also be used to view antique stereograph cards.

The stereoviewer contains 8 different color Dinosaur stereographs photographed by Ron Keas
Only 10 Dinosaur Theater packages available

$30.00 each
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