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 For the past 5 years I have been concentrating on supporting President Obama with my artwork. 
Now I am inspired to put the same effort into supporting Hillary Clinton as our next President.   - Ron Keas

Welcome to my Hillary for President Art Gallery.  The next Presidential election will be here before we know it.  America is poised to elect our first woman President, Hillary Clinton.  During Senator Obama's first Presidential Campaign , I joined forces with Shepard Fairey to promote Obama with my artwork.  Now I am eager to do the same for Hillary Clinton, even though she has not yet announced her political attentions.  The Super Pac: "Ready for Hillary" is doing great work encouraging her to run.

    This website will contain a collection of oil paintings I will be doing over the next two years.  The paintings will depict Hillary in situations that happen in the news, along with some creative fantasy.  All of the paintings will be done with respect ,and with the idea of showing Hillary in a positive light. 


For those who can't wait to see Hillary in the Oval Office...

    My first paining of Hillary is in progress.  It will be my most inspired, fine art oil painting ever. In this painting you will see Hillary sitting at her desk in the Oval Office.  Her pose shows Pride, dignity and confidence.  Behind her, to one side, are small framed family photographs.  These photographs will be detailed miniature oil paintings within the larger painting.  I have carefully selected images for the miniatures that represent the Clinton family past, including Hillary's Mother Dorothy Rodham, Chelsea portrait, Bill and Hillary wedding photo, Socks the Cat at the podium, and Bill playing the Saxophone.  So, this will be 6 paintings in one.   The size of oil on canvas painting is 24x36"

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