Senator Ted Kennedy 
"At The Helm"
oil on canvas portrait by Ron Keas

Ted Kennedy was a gifted artist.  One of his paintings was of the Hyannis Port Compound as seen from the water.  I was inspired to paint him sailing away from his own painting.

I began the painting of Senator Ted Kennedy, titled "At The Helm",  two hours before I heard the news of his passing, and I worked on it through the next few days, while listening to the TV coverage of his memorial and funeral. 

Each day I posted an updated photo of the painting, until it was finished on September 16.   I received  heart warming emails from folks that who followed the progress of the painting online.  "At The Helm"  appeared in an  issue of Cape Code Life Magazine. 


"At The Helm"
by Ron Keas
18x24" oil on canvas painting step by step.
Began painting hands and face.  8/26/09 3:29 PM

Beginning water, sky, mast...8/26/09, 9:10 PM

8/27/09, 10:00 AM

8/29/09  1:00 PM

8/29/09  6:00 PM
8/30/09 6:00 PM

8/31/09 2:PM

9/01/09 4:30 PM

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