High on the Hog

High on the Hog
Lithograph by Ron Keas
A great collectible for any Clint Eastwood Fan !


The story behind the artwork
told by the artist:

Detail View

    " In 1987 Clint Eastwood was running for Mayor of Carmel California.  At this time Clint owned a restaurant in Carmel named "The Hog's Breath Inn".  I got the idea of painting Clint in a Western outfit, saddled proudly on a hog, with the famous Carmel Lone Cypress in the background.  My intention was to sell it to Clint to hang in his restaurant.  After completing the painting, I tried to find a way to contact Clint.  I checked the Yellow Pages to look for the phone number of the Hog's Breath Inn.  I called the restaurant and told them what I was up to, and they said I should write a letter and send to the restaurant manager.  At that same time, I saw a business in Carmel named "Clintville".  It was a gift shop that specialized in Clint Eastwood memorabilia, posters, statues, etc.  I spoke to the shop owner on the phone and asked him if he had could tell me how to contact Clint.  The shop owner's name was Paul Laub, and it turns out he was Clint's opponent in the race for Mayor of Carmel.  Paul Laub offered to purchase my "High on the Hog" oil painting at a good price, and also to have lithographic posters made from the original artwork.  He intended to sell
the lithographs in his shop and give me a percentage of the sales, and a stack of the lithographs for myself.  I agreed to sell the painting to Paul under these circumstances.  I supervised the production of the lithographs.  Paul Laub lost the election to Clint Eastwood, and continued selling the lithographs.  I wondered if Clint had seen it, and if so, was he was amused?

  One evening I went to Clint's nightclub in Carmel, The Mission Ranch, to hear the band play.  As the music began, Clint walked in and sat down at the table next to mine.  It so happened that I had a copy of the High on the Hog in the car.  I went and got it, brought it back, and introduced myself as the artist responsible for the lithograph.  I asked if he would autograph one for me.  He look me in the eye with the same expression he has in the artwork, and quietly said, "So, you're the guy...." He grinned, and signed it." 
Ron Keas


High on the Hog
90 pound, acid free paper
Lithograph from original oil painting by Ron Keas
Limited editon of 500 prints signed and numbered by the artist. 

 50 prints remaining

 $100.00 each
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